Send Email to Richie, Born in 1974, christened Richard Burnett, he showed an early interest in technical things. As a young child he was fascinated by lights and how electrical appliances worked. At the age of 12 he was constructing simple electronic kits at home, and read books on the principles of electricity. At school Richie showed an active interest in Science and Technology subjects with particular attention to electronics and computing.

Following high school, Richie studied a Masters Degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering at The University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne specialising in Power Electronics. He also discovered alcohol and women around the same time with mixed results!

On completing his degree course Richie was employed by a Power Electronics company in Sunderland working as a design consultant on behalf of Newcastle University.

Following 3 years work in Power Electronics, Richie has worked briefly in the RF instrumentation field for one of the UK's leading manufacturers of EMC test equipment, and has written embedded software for countless industrial and commercial projects.

Richie now works on contract for a local university as leading engineer on an RF MEMS based project for a clinical diagnostic application.

-"When RF Engineering and Power Electronics are combined, Tesla Coils and big sparks are what result !"

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