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Tesla Coil components, including Schematic and Properties of components.

Tesla Coil operation, including "Ringup" , "Ringdown" , Notches and Real scope waveforms.

Quenching , Coupling and Frequency splitting explained.

Ballasting, (Resistive, Inductive, Primary and Secondary ballasting methods.)

AC Resonant charging, (Theory and examples. "Missed firings", Wide static gaps.)

Inductive Kick effect, (Theory and examples.)

Static gap analysis, (includes influence of capacitor and gap size on power throughput,)

Rotary gap overview, (rotary spark gap operation, rotary types, safety gaps, etc.)

Rotary gap analysis, (includes interaction of break rate, cap size and ballast.)

200BPS sync gap with unevenly spaced electrodes, (effect of offsetting electrodes.)

Solid State TC work, (small MOSFET based table top coil.)

Solid State driver theory page, (still under construction.)

DC Tesla coiling, Resistive & DC Resonant charging. (use any BPS with freedom from surging.)

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